MATLAB Image Acquisition Toolbox Adapter for Xbox Kinect

Ive created a Matlab Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptor for the Kinect Depth Sensor.  This software device allows for a parallel thread to run within the matlab process and pump frames into the matlab workspace at 16-bit depth and 30 frames per second.  Its built based on their included c++ adaptor kit.  It requires the latest version of Matlab may work on older versions and a license for the Image Acquisition toolbox.  If youre at a university, these are most likely essentially free to you and/or your lab.  I already had a skeleton that Id built for other projects and this was quick mod of that code.  Zephods win32 kinect library is real easy to use.

Here’s the youtube vid demoing my adaptor.

via Matlab IMAQ Adaptor for Kinect – OpenKinect | Google Groups.